Information on Cannabis Regulation

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Latest Update: October 5, 2018

At the City Council’s direction, earlier this year Half Moon Bay commissioned a "white paper" study on the impacts observed and experienced by other jurisdictions that had previously allowed commercial cannabis operations within their jurisdictions, including case studies of several such cities and counties. 

The City selected the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) to assist in this effort. The completed study, “Local Impacts of Commercial Cannabis,” includes: 

  • Research on a range of areas of impact including Economic Development, Public Safety, Public Health, and the Environment
  • Recommendations to local government agencies which are considering regulating commercial cannabis operations. 
  • Nine case studies from cities and counties in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, which illustrate the impacts observed in these areas where cannabis has already been legalized.

ICMA’s research included other published studies and interviews with dozens of local government administrators from across the country. As additional states legalize commercial cannabis operations and as the industry continues to change over the next several years, ICMA intends to continue this research.

Earlier this year the City also hired the firm Hinderliter, de Llamas and Associates (HdL) to complete a fiscal analysis of the commercial cannabis industry and tax revenue projections specifically for Half Moon Bay. This document was presented to the City Council at their June 19, 2019 meeting.

Community members are encouraged to review the “Local Impacts of Commercial Cannabis" study by ICMA, an associated "snapshot document," and the HdL Fiscal Analysis. Please contact Matthew Chidester, Deputy City Manager, with any questions about these documents.

These materials are provided for informational purposes and should not be construed in support of or against any ballot measure.