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Frenchmans Creek Park Play Structure Survey - March, 2019

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  2. Thank you for providing your family's input about new play structures at Frenchmans Creek Park! Your information will be integrated into discussions by the Parks & Recreation Commission as decisions are made about new play equipment at this popular City park.

  3. Please attend the Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting on March 27

    At this meeting you can learn more, join in the Commission's discussion of the survey results, and provide more input. The meeting will be at 6 pm at the Half Moon Bay Library, 620 Correas Street, in the downstairs community room.

  4. Please enter the name of the neighborhood, or the street, where you live.

  5. How frequently do you visit Frenchmans Creek Park?*

  6. What is the ideal age group that the design of play structures should accommodate?*

  7. Do you want your playground to have a modern look, represent the environment, or carry out a theme? See examples below.

  8. Modern


  9. Environment


  10. Theme (farm theme shown as example)


  11. Which style of activity equipment is preferable for the play structures? See examples below.*

  12. Spinners


  13. Swings


  14. Seesaws


  15. Slides


  16. Sensory

    Sensory Play-half size

  17. Music


  18. (500 word limit)

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