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The City of Half Moon Bay prepares a “line item budget”. A line item budget’s basic purpose is to provide the City Council with financial detail by department. The budget allocates money to the functions and activities on a summarized line item basis. The focus is on policy and activities. Departments submit detailed line item budgets to the City Manager, they are organized and present to the Council and the public in semi‐summarized fashion. The emphasis of line item budgeting is on the level and cost of each City service, what service is proposed, and the effect of these activities on the general public welfare.


Annual Budget 2015-2016 Annual Budget  2014-2015
Budget-In-Brief 2014-2015

Annual Budget 2013-2014
Annual Budget 2012-2013
Annual Budget 2011-2012
Budget In Brief 2013-2014
Budget-In-Brief 2012-2013
Budget-in-Brief 2011-2012

Annual Budget 2010-2011
Annual Budget 2009-2010
Annual Budget 2008-2009
Budget-In-Brief 2010-2011
Budget-In-Brief 2009-2010
Budget-In-Brief 2008-2009


 The City prepares a Master Fee Schedule that includes a list of customer fees for City Services
Please click here for the Master Fee Schedule

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The City annually issues a Comprehensive Financial Report (CAFR) to report on its financial position and activity in compliance with California Government Code.  The financial statements are audited by independent Certified Public Accountants.  

CAFR FY 2013-2014 (19.25 MB)
CAFR FY 2012-2013 (4.64 MB)
CAFR FY 2011-2012 (2.34 MB)
CAFR FY 2010-2011 (4.27 MB)
CAFR FY 2009-2010 (2.63 MB)

CAFR FY 2008-2009 (4.36 MB)