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City considers expansion of allowable uses on floriculture land
Half Moon Bay Wants to Allow Algae to Grow??????
City considers expansion of allowable uses on floriculture land

May 3, 2010

HALF MOON BAY, CA – Researchers at the University of Arizona believe that algae may power your car in as little as five years.  If Half Moon Bay farmers wanted to grow that algae in the A-1 zoning district, they wouldn’t be allowed to do so.  The City Council will consider changes to the A-1 zoning district that would allow that use and the cultivation of other crops.

The A-1 zoning district currently exclusively allows floriculture.  With the long-term economic viability of that industry in question in California, the City of Half Moon Bay wants to allow existing business to diversify.  The benefits include retaining local businesses, retaining local jobs, and maintaining property values.  

The suggested zoning change, affecting Chapter 18.13 of the City’s Municipal Code, would allow growing both cut flowers and plants that are associated with the production of food, fuel, and/or fiber.  It would also allow research and development facilities and ancillary retail sales related to horticulture and/or agricultural productions.  However, other zoning restrictions such as height, setbacks, and limits on residential uses would remain in place.

The City notified and requested input from all affected property owners.  Approximately 200 acres of land may be affected.  The Planning Commission has studied the potential change and has recommended City Council approval.  The City Council meeting is scheduled for May 4, 2010 at 7:00 PM in the Ted Adcock Community Center.  Meeting information may be found on the City’s website at

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