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Current Planning


  • Provides customer service at City Hall as part of the Community Development service team with Building and Engineering.
  • Initiates projects and programs to implement the Local Coastal Program and General Plan such as Zoning Ordinance Amendments, preparation of design guidelines, and other efforts related to protecting and preserving the City’s built and natural environments.

  • Reviews proposals for new development and land use changes – both private development and public works projects – to ensure conformance with the Local Coastal Program and General Plan.
  • Administers land use regulations including the Zoning (Title 18), Sign (Title 15), and Subdivision (Title 17) ordinances of the Half Moon Bay Municipal Code. These regulations serve to preserve existing land use standards and are applied to projects that are generally initiated by property owners.
  • Oversees environmental review as principally defined by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), including preparation of environmental impact determinations, environmental impact reports, and coordination with other local, State, and Federal agencies.
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for the Community Development Department by coordinating project review with appropriate City agencies (i.e. Public Works, City Engineer, Building Division), local agencies (i.e. Coastside Fire Protection District, San Mateo County Sheriff, Coastside County Water District, and Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside), and regional, State or Federal agencies.
  • Prepares applications for consideration by the City Council, Planning Commission, and/or the Community Development Director.

The Current Planning function focuses on project review. In accordance with the California Coastal Act, many different types of projects require Coastal Development Permits. Coastal Development Permit review is conducted concurrently with other planning permits required for each proposal. Examples of Planning Permits include Variances, Use Permits, Sign Permits, Subdivisions, and Tree Removal Permits.

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Half Moon Bay Municipal Code (Full Code)

  • Title 15 - Signs
  • Title 17 - Subdivisions
  • Title 18 - Zoning

Zoning Map