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Applications Under Review

The Planning Division has primary responsibility for current planning, which requires the processing of entitlement applications and local administration of the California Coastal Act, California Environmental Quality Act and other state land use laws.

Upon receipt of a complete application, the Planning Division will route the project plans and materials to appropriate City Agencies (Police, Public Works, City Engineer, Building Department), Local Agencies (Coastside Fire Protection District, Coastside County Water District, and Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside), and  regional, state or federal agencies for their review and comment.

The following is a status report for the active projects that are currently under review by the Planning Division. Click on the following link to download a PDF of this report:

Planning Project Tracking

As required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), passed by the California Legislature in 1970, the City of Half Moon Bay conducts environmental review of public and private projects before they are heard for approval. The environmental documents produced by the City are provided to both decision makers and the public for their consideration and comment. These environmental documents include Initial Studies/Negative Declarations (IS/NDs and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs).



The purpose of a biological assessment is to evaluate the potential effects of the action on listed and proposed species and designated and proposed critical habitat and determine whether any such species or habitat are likely to be adversely affected by the action.


Included within these webpages are an overview of the environmental review process and links to other relevant sites.  Please use the links shown below to access these pages.

California Coastal Commission

Governor's Office of Planning and Research

2016 CEQA – Planning Commission Workshop Presentation.   PC Meeting on April 12, 2016.